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This literally 'out of this world' wire wrapped pendant features a slice of Gibeon meteorite.I made this meteorite pendant using two shades of fine silver coated copper wire. Bright silver background makes the meteorite stand out, and hematite emphasizes the subtle pattern in the meteorite itself. Those patterns on the meteorite are called Widmanstatten lines. They are the result of the metal cooling over huge periods of time. I've read that the pattern is caused by nickel and iron based minerals cooling at a rate of *one* degree every *million* years. Scientists have dated the Gibeon meteorite to around 4 *billion* years old. For comparison, the oldest known rocks on earth are dated at 3.8 billion years of age. So in holding this you're holding something older than anything we can touch from earth.(Since most meteorites are probably from debris left over from the formation of the solar system, while we think of it as stardust, the nickel-iron mix here might be similar to the molten nickel iron at the core of our own planet!)The wire is fine silver over copper and is coated, so it won't tarnish and you don't have to worry about trying to polish your meteorite jewelry.I've been told that the amount of nickel alloyed in the iron makes this meteorite more rust resistant than most other iron meteorites. That said, this is a delicate iron based piece, and besides a gift box (let me know if you'd like it wrapped as well, that's not a problem) I'll send it with a silica pack to keep it dry and toasty. Please don't wear it into the pool/bath/shower. (Or if you plan on working up a serious sweat!) I've been wearing my first piece of Gibeon for over a decade without problems.This Gibeon meteorite pendant in copper is 1 1/2" long by 7/8" at its widest point. It hangs from black ribbon that adjusts from 17"-18 1/2".Comes in a gift box, let me know if you'd like it wrapped to be ready for giving. (Metallic blue or metallic gold paper, ivory or burgundy ribbon.) The shipping on this piece includes insurance.Shop home: https://www./shop/magpiesmiscellanyVisit on facebook or*If you're interested in meteorites and meteorite jewelry or more about the Gibeon in particular you can visit my blog at I have more info on meteorites there, plus more pictures and links to videos!**Again, this is an iron-nickel meteorite wrapped in copper, so while it is mostly iron and the copper is coated, I would not suggest it for someone with a nickel or copper allergy., astronomy jewelry

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